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Oxford's Mission

The Oxford Academy’s mission is to create a supportive learning community for young men built on the values of trust, respect and integrity. At the heart of the Oxford Method is the belief that students, in partnership with their teachers, will find success through increased self-awareness and strategic effort. In a boarding environment with a holistic approach, Oxford’s individualized education balances one-to-one and collaborative learning experiences that challenge each young man to reach his potential.

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Student-Teacher Partnership
Personal efficacy is essential to the development of self-confidence and motivation. Students who feel they are partners in their education will learn to connect individual behavior with academic outcomes.
Independent Study
Proctored study halls following each one-to-one class provide structure throughout the academic day.
Customized Curriculum
Students learn best when materials, content, and pace of instruction are appropriately challenging. Thoughtfully designed coursework, with regular assessment, increases motivation and ensures that success is attainable.
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The Oxford Academy community is taking full advantage our Spring 2016 Reading Challenge!. Students, faculty and staff will read selections from each of the five categories outlined by Mrs. Gilman, school Librarian. The entries are due in the beginning of May, awesome prizes and chosen winners will be announced on May 5th.

Good Luck to everyone and thanks for your participation!

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Oxford recently celebrated our soon-to-be graduates at the 100 Nights until Graduation dinner. After being roasted by Mr. LaSota and toasted by Mrs. Neale, graduates were officially inducted into the Alumni Association by Joe Dattilo '93. Oxford also presented the first J. Bradley Allen '13 Leadership Award, this year given to Austin for his outstanding leadership while at Oxford.

Congrats to all! It's hard to believe that graduation is just around the corner!

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It's been busy in the sugar shack lately! We caught a bit of Ms. Pelletier's science class with Khalid by the wood-burning stove. Later on, the final product from the evaporator was boiled down, filtered twice, and bottled - and the syrup is seriously delicious! Great job by the Science Department and all the students who were involved!

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Oxford's new garage space on campus was built over the winter break and is already being put to great use! Mr. Westbrook's physics students have been working on various hands-on projects... check it out and learn more!

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