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Oxford's Mission

The Oxford Academy’s mission is to create a supportive learning community for young men built on the values of trust, respect and integrity. At the heart of the Oxford Method is the belief that students, in partnership with their teachers, will find success through increased self-awareness and strategic effort. In a boarding environment with a holistic approach, Oxford’s individualized education balances one-to-one and collaborative learning experiences that challenge each young man to reach his potential

Student-Teacher Partnership
Personal efficacy is essential to the development of self-confidence and motivation. Students who feel they are partners in their education will learn to connect individual behavior with academic outcomes.
Independent Study
Proctored study halls following each one-to-one class provide structure throughout the academic day.
Customized Curriculum
Students learn best when materials, content, and pace of instruction are appropriately challenging. Thoughtfully designed coursework, with regular assessment, increases motivation and ensures that success is attainable.
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What's New!

While our students are enjoying the final weeks of summer at home. Oxford is excited to welcome Vista Life Innovations to experience and enjoy the resources of our campus. This Westbrook, CT organization will be hosting their summer session here at Oxford Academy, utilizing our residential dorms, dining hall, and student center for group gatherings. It is a pleasure to lend our space to this wonderful organization.

Thank you Vista Development Staff!

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The Oxford boys took full advantage of our close proximity to the Long Island Sound. Students were led by the faculty to enjoy a fantastic, five - week term. Mr Sahl and the guys enjoyed a fun-filled summer, fishing for stripers. Mr. Christie organized the Oxford Sailing Lessons to expose our students to the adventures of the sea. Finally, Mr. Gonzalez's marine biology class joined forces with Project Oceanology for aquatic life discovery.

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Director of Admissions, David J Tuttle, journeyed to Rwanda, Africa on July 18th to connect with Mr. Gerard Sefuku, President of the Rwanda-USA Foundation. Mr. Tuttle has been working with Mr. Sefuku for several years and when he arrived to Oxford Academy in July 2013, he knew the relationship would provide opportunity for Rwandan boys to experience a special and unique learning opportunity - and this has been nothing but true.

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In continuation of this summer's "adventure theme", the Devil's Hopyard in East Haddam, hosted last week's field trip. Mr. Sahl, Liam M, Max R, Victor L. and Spencer S. climbed Chapman Falls, explored caves, crossed rivers, watched wildlife, and navigated their way up (and down) some steep terrain!

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Under the guidance of Mr. Maragliano and the science department, the Oxford Community Garden has finally begun to sprout! Inspired by their yearly volunteer work in the local community garden, Oxford built an on campus site. Chris C., Elijah G., and recent alum Austin I. produced tomatoes grown out of seeds from our own greenhouse, Mr. Kleber provided root vegetables, and Mr Pachniuk grew eggplants. Bean plants were contributed by the Sahls, and the Maragliano family grew cucumbers and much more!

Great work Oxford Academy!

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Graduation is a special time in a student's life and this weekend, Oxford created lasting memories for our graduates and their families. Beginning on Friday, family and friends expressed their gratitude to the faculty and staff during a lovely cocktail reception. Saturday morning's academic convocation was filled with tears of joy as Mr, Cocchiola, spoke compassionately, about each students journey to graduation. Special awards were presented in honor of outstanding athletic and academic achievement and sentimental words of encouragement came from the Alumnus, Lachlan Markay of Fox News, student speaker Trent Bauroth, and faculty addressee Mr. Lindquist.

Huge thank you to Trustee, Richard Brainerd and everyone who made the commencement exceptional!

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The English Department spent the spring gathering and curating a collection of adventure stories. Although the works have significant representation from explorers, mountaineers, and mariners we also selected some less traditional stories of adventure. These works are introduced by a short essay on adventure by Tom Morris that we expect all students to read. This essay examines what "adventure" means to all of us and highlights ideas we hope students find in the other works they select for summer reading.
Since students have a lot of choice in their reading this summer we're looking forward to getting together in September to discuss what we read, share insights, and explore the diversity of this collection.

The summer read assignment (explained in greater detail) is available two ways:
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Last week, Mr. Westbrook, was happy to lend a hand to the local elementary school by designing and constructing two Buddy Benches. These structures are designated seating areas for students to seek out camaraderie from their peers. Daisy Ingraham Elementary School was so pleased with the donations, they assembled the entire school to thank Mr. Westbrook along with Mr. Cocchiola and his family for their generosity.

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