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Oxford's Mission

The Oxford Academy’s mission is to create a supportive learning community for young men built on the values of trust, respect and integrity. At the heart of the Oxford Method is the belief that students, in partnership with their teachers, will find success through increased self-awareness and strategic effort. In a boarding environment with a holistic approach, Oxford’s individualized education balances one-to-one and collaborative learning experiences that challenge each young man to reach his potential.

Student-Teacher Partnership
Personal efficacy is essential to the development of self-confidence and motivation. Students who feel they are partners in their education will learn to connect individual behavior with academic outcomes.
Independent Study
Proctored study halls following each one-to-one class provide structure throughout the academic day.
Customized Curriculum
Students learn best when materials, content, and pace of instruction are appropriately challenging. Thoughtfully designed coursework, with regular assessment, increases motivation and ensures that success is attainable.
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What's New!

On Wednesday, December 7, Mr. Cocchiola, Mrs. Zimmerman, Ms. Massey, and Ms. Asselin connected with Oxford's alumni, parents, and friends at The East Wing in New York City. The group of twenty enjoyed a reception with food and drink and shared stories about fond memories while at Oxford. Phil Cocchiola discussed the exciting things happening around campus and the proposed plans in the near future.

Thanks to all who attended and made this such a great event. Be on the look out for upcoming gatherings taken place in Chicago and Boston!

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What can you do with a shaved Angus beef, Israeli couscous, and a pomegranate? Last week, five teams composed of students and faculty members exceeded the panel of judge's expectations by creating unique entrees in a 40-minute intense competition! The winners were chosen based on the degree of difficulty, color, texture, aroma, taste, temperature, eye appeal, and overall presentation. This was a an incredibly fun event with no shortage of competitive edge. Ultimately, two teams took the crown, Dr. Landry, Sam, Liam, along with Mrs. Monroy, Ezra, Quinn, and Ronald. Congratulations to you all!

Thanks to Mr. Switaj and Mr. Hayden for coordinating this amazing event.
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On Monday, the faculty and staff welcomed Kelly Webster and Janel Lynch of The Grove School to facilitate a morning of Professional Development. The pair discussed effective ways and strategies to support positive behaviors and manage difficulties with students in the classroom, on activities, and residentially. We are so grateful to once again team up with local professionals for tips and tools to better serve our community of learners.

Huge thanks to Kelly and Janel for your expertise!

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Last week, Mr. Pachniuk, Mr. McGrath, and a group of Oxford students returned home with fantastic photos from this year's annual, 8-day international trip to Italy. The group toured the Colosseum in Rome, walked the Spanish Steps in Vatican, then visited the seaport and military base of Ostia Antica. Next, they found Donatello and Michelangelo's masterpieces in Florence, strolled through the medieval streets that surround the Piazza del Campo in Siena, and rode bicycles around the Citadel Walls of Lucca. In preparation for this excursion, all attendees took part in a Italian History seminar for a richer understanding of each city.

Watch the video here!

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At the conclusion of our varsity soccer season, coaches Mr. Pachniuk and Mr. Maragliano honored all of the players for their hard work and great sportsmanship. The coaching staff spoke passionately about each player and their individual contribution to the fantastic 10-2-1 record, which led the Oxen to the conference semifinals.

Special recognition went to Noah R. (MVP), Max B. (Most Improved Player) and Liam M. (Unsung Hero Award), Ronald M., Bruce N., Noah R., and Livingston F. (Coastal Prep League) for their outstanding athletic performance.

We are proud of our athletes for making this an excellent season!

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Mrs. Pelletier's Forensics students spent time collecting DNA samples through fingerprints. They later applied fuming techniques to collect the evidence for further analysis of the samples. Great to see the guys participating intensively in this project-based learning experiment.

Thank you Greame C. for putting together an incredible video.

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Halloween kicked off Oxford's Annual Harvest Fest, the community had a blast in their finest Halloween costume apparel. Then, Lind v. Davis battled it out in a series of contests featuring a pumpkin carving competition, greased pumpkin relay race, pie eating contest, and an egg toss. All events led up to the launching of pumpkins in our new trebuchet constructed by Mr. Westbrook and the Oxford boys.

Everyone had tons of fun in Oxford tradition!

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