Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

Welcome to Oxford Academy!

Who thrives at OA?

Successful candidates for Oxford Academy seek a community where they will reach new heights and excel. Oftentimes they have studied in traditional schools where they were not understood as learners and as a result, flew under the radar where it felt safe. They may have been met with difficulties created by large classrooms, uninformed educators or schools that could not support their particular learning needs, including giftedness. Each student is unique; some learn differently, some seek acceleration and all benefit from a more customized approach to education.


Our boys range from average to gifted in their documented cognitive profile. Many are twice exceptional, requiring acceleration and support concurrently. They may need support or academic coaching to manage the challenges presented by learning and attention diagnoses, executive function weaknesses, language-based learning differences, and anxiety issues. They may be ‘getting by’ in their present school, however they have the potential to thrive in the right setting. They are often frustrated with their recent school experiences where teachers did not understand them.

Our students thrive when allowed to learn in a 1:1 academic setting where the level and pacing can be increased or decreased as needed to ensure mastery. They are provided meaningful feedback to develop the resilience and self determination needed for success in school. We see students who have lost faith in themselves or whose sense of self has suffered due to difficulty meeting expectations of a traditional classroom.


Our boys are kind, eager to connect, sometimes quiet and sometimes outgoing. Campus life is best described as a brotherhood within a familial community. Oxford teachers and their families surround the boys to create a solid foundation from which they can launch each day. Outside of classes, they are together for meals, clubs, service projects, athletics and trips. Like many boys their age, they can be mature in some areas and immature in others. They are seeking like-minded friends and may need coaching on subtle aspects of their social abilities. They tend to be reserved and somewhat guarded initially and are quick to open up and grow in our relational school environment.

What happens after graduation?

Most of our students stay through graduation and then matriculate to college. Visit our college guidance page to view or college acceptance list.

Why Oxford?

  • Small supportive community
  • Experienced faculty with specialized training
  • Opportunities to accelerate
  • Co-curricular activities
  • College preparatory
  • Character development
  • Visual Arts program
  • Athletics program