Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

International Students and Families

To international students who wish to improve their competency in academic English, Oxford Academy offers a competitive American college preparatory curriculum, including advanced courses in Physics, Forensics, Calculus, and Statistics.

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program is conducted through intensive, one-to-one classes (one teacher/one student) where individual attention results in rapid improvement of conversation skills, as well as development of the academic vocabulary necessary to succeed in American schools and colleges.

Oxford’s ESL program offers the following benefits:

· Daily assessment of progress through classroom dialogue and homework.
· Individualized attention to specific areas of weakness.
· Weekly testing to monitor learning.
· Increased practice at spoken English through one-to-one classes.
· Emphasis on reading, writing and vocabulary through targeted independent work.
· TOEFL preparation as appropriate through curriculum.

With its relatively small international population, daily athletics, and co-curricular activities, international students at Oxford Academy have more interaction with English speakers outside the classroom than is often the case at larger boarding schools.

The Director of College Guidance also counsels and guides international students through the college application process.

International students must have insurance coverage during their time at Oxford. If not privately insured, please sign up for the ISM Gold Plan.

For International Families interested in tuition assistance, please review the following SSS article to learn more about the financial aid application process for an international student: http://sssbynais.org/parents/apply/international-a...