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Tennis Highlights


May 8th

Oxford vs. Williams

On Wednesday the Charge headed to New London to face Williams again for a sub-varsity rematch. Eight Oxford players got the chance to play in their first matches ever, and even though we lost 2-5 on the day, we gained some excellent experience. Some highlights include Dylan Bloom winning at the #1 singles spot. Our other win came at the #3 doubles spot with Gresham and Mike putting together some nice rallies and getting their serves in. Even though he lost, Nathan Harton put in some excellent effort at the #3 singles spot and managed to take three games from his opponent. There were exciting points throughout the day and Coach Sahl was pleased with Oxford’s effort, attitude, and sportsmanship. After three matches in a row we are excited to have some time to practice and plan for Saturday’s match at Choate.

Oxford vs. Williams

May 7th

A capable Williams squad travelled to Oxford on Tuesday for our second match of the season. #1 singles Spencer Roskill made a nice comeback midway through his match, but he ended up losing to a strong opponent 3-8. Some of their heated rallies were undoubtedly some of the best tennis that has been played on the Oxford courts in a long time. Nico Dunn once again had one of the more exciting matches to watch, and secured an 8-4 win despite continued shoulder pain. Charlie Kaynor stepped up to the singles courts for the first time and clinched an 8-3 victory over his opponent. At #4 singles Richard Wu’s match could have gone either way but his opponent had more gas in the tank and beat Richard 8-4. On the doubles courts our one win came at the #3 spot with Pacy and Silas partnering up for the first time and winning 6-3. Luther and Alex lost at the #1 doubles spot but both coaches were impressed with their net play and communication. At #2 doubles Noah and Kyle dropped their match 6-8 but are ready for some redemption this weekend. Overall the Charge lost 3-4, and the total game score was 40-42. A tough loss but it was a great effort on both sides.

May 6th

Oxford vs. Rocky Hill

The Boys in Blue kicked off the 2019 tennis season in Rhode Island against Rocky Hill yesterday. Spencer Roskill at #1 singles drew first blood, beating his opponent in a one-sided 8-0 match. Nico Dunn (#2) had a tougher fight filled with long rallies, drop shots, and power serves; despite some shoulder pain throughout the set, Nico ended up on top 8-3. Dylan Bloom (#3) and Richard Wu (#4) also took down their opponents (8-4 and 8-6 respectively).

The doubles teams all got off to a slow start and it took a while to find their rhythm. Luther & Charlie (#1) were down 7-3 before mounting a beautiful 6 game streak to win 9-7. Noah & Silas (#2) lost 6-8. Pacy & Kyle were down 7-3 and managed to hold on with some strong net play, but were ultimately bested 8-6. It was a beautiful day for tennis and Coach Sahl and Rhoads were thrilled with the 5-2 victory and with the attitudes and efforts of all the players. Nice work, Charge!


Oxen Cap Off Season with Victory Over Middlebridge

May 18, 2018

Oxford Tennis had our final match of the season on Friday against Middlebridge. Since Middlebridge took us down 8-2 the first time we faced them, we were excited for this rematch to see how much we have improved throughout the season. Even with the roaring support of 20+ Oxford spectators, Middlebridge got off to a quick lead on the singles courts, where Liv (#1), Dylan (#2), and Victor (#3) all lost their matches. However, Ronald, Lucas, and Kyle (playing singles #4-#6, respectively) all won their matches, changing the momentum and giving Oxford a second wind. Kyle (#6 singles) has faced a series of tough opponents this year, so his 6-2 win was his first victory of the season! On the doubles courts, Noah and Tri (#2) had their hands full and ended up dropping their match 6-1. Jaswani and Pacy (#3) had a fun match filled with long rallies, and their 6-3 win tied us up with Middlebridge, 4 to 4. It all came down to #1 doubles, where Livingston and Ronald teamed up for the first time ever in their last ever athletic event wearing the Oxford blue. The chemistry and hustle were at an all time high; Ronald was on fire at the net, smashing overheads and poaching returns of serve, while Livingston was able to cover the entire baseline with his speed and agility. Liv and Ronny ended up winning 6-3, which helped secure Oxford’s 5 to 4 victory over Middlebridge! It was a great way to end the season. Congrats!

Oxford Travels to Rocky Hill

May 17, 2018

On Thursday the Oxen tennis squad headed out to Rocky Hill for our second to last match of the season. The Boys in Blue looked great at the start of the singles matches — each player started strong and things were looking hopeful. Dylan B had long rallies from the baseline with his suitably matched opponent at #2 singles, but he ended up losing some steam and coming up short, 8-6. A very different style of tennis was played at the #1 court, where Liv F and his opponent were in a constant battle for control of the net. It was an exciting (and tiring) match, filled with lobs, drop shots, and lots of last-second gets; Livy was down 7-4 and he began to climb his way back. He was crushing his serves but his opponent was really impressive in getting everything back in play. Liv ultimately fell short, losing 6-8. Kyle Z. (#3) and Noah L. (#4) both gained some more valuable experience on the singles courts against capable opponents who didn’t make many unforced errors, and they both dropped their matches 8-2. At the #1 doubles spot, Charlie K. and Luke B. were caught on their heels for the first few games before they eventually found their rhythm and showed some solid awareness and aggression at the net. They managed to rack up a few games, losing 8-3. The afternoon ended on a high note, as Oxford dominated the last matches. Victor L. and Pacy K. had some awesome chemistry and covered the court well with Pacy in front and Victor picking up everything that slipped by. Victor’s slice serve was key to their big 8-4 win. At #3 doubles, Gresham H. and Jaswani E. were the “big guys” who seemed to cover the entire court with their wingspans. This match was really fun to watch, with many points lasting nearly a minute long. Their win — along with Lucas and Steven’s exhibition match win — put Oxford squarely on the board. Rocky Hill won 5 matches to 3. Coach Sahl was pleased with the level of tennis being played and was proud of the attitudes despite the tough loss. We are looking to our final match of the season with our heads held high. Come out and support us on Friday!

Oxford Picks Up First Win

May 7, 2018

The Oxford tennis squad headed out to Williams on Monday for our second match of the season. After a full week of practice, the Boys in Blue were looking a lot sharper than in our season opener; in addition, Williams was missing a few key players and the Boys in Blue were able to capitalize. At the #1 and #2 singles spots, Livingston and Dylan both found their zones (and their serves!) early on, and they dominated their matches. Victor (#4 singles) had a tougher fight in his exciting 8-4 win, as he and his similarly-style opponent had lots of long rallies and spin-filled forehands. Kyle stepped up for the Oxen by filling in at the #3 spot against a tough opponent. When walking off the court, Kyle said that the match — though he lost “a lot to a little” — taught him more about tennis than anything else this season, so overall it was a productive experience and Coach Sahl was pleased with his attitude, his effort, and his willingness to take on a difficult role. On the doubles courts, Jaswani and Pacy (#3) had a long match with some really fun points to watch; Pacy got some serious exercise sprinting all over the court, and his hard work helped to secure their 8-6 W. The other two doubles teams (Ronald and Luke at #1; Noah and Luther at #2) also managed to edge out their opponents. Overall it was a beautiful day for tennis and it was impressive to see the Oxen with such focus and grit. After this 6-1 win, spirits are high as we approach our match against Rocky Hill next week! Check out this video for some of the highlights.

Oxen Tennis Starts Season

May 1, 2018

The Oxford tennis squad headed out to Narragansett, Rhode Island for their season opener against Middlebridge on Tuesday. After only having one practice since the end of March, the Boys in Blue were a bit rusty as they took to the courts. Middlebridge drew first blood and got off to an early 3-0 lead against the doubles pairings. However, the constantly smiling Tri Doan and Pacy Kamanze at the #3 spot put Oxford on the board, edging out their opponents 8-4. Though Lucas Guevara and Noah Lau at the #1 spot were outmatched from the start, they showed some strong chemistry by communicating well and encouraging each other throughout. On the singles courts, #1 Captain Liv Ferdinand was in fine form; he and his brand new racquet were able to come away with an 8-0 sweep. While Ronald Mugisha (#3) and Luther Eisaman (#5) were well-matched with their opponents and were both within reach of victory throughout their matches, neither were able to come away with a W. Despite the 8-2 team loss, everyone got a chance to play in their first competitive setting and this gave us some clear areas to work on this week. Coach Sahl was impressed at the attitudes and efforts of all players, and he is looking forward to Monday’s match against Williams. Check out this video below for some match highlights.


Oxen Drop Close One to Middlebridge

May 15, 2017

The Boys in Blue had a rematch against Middlebridge in what turned out to be the closest match of the season so far. Oxford drew first blood in the doubles matches with Noah Roberts and Liv Ferdinand edging out their opponents in an exciting 8-6 victory. Noah Roberts’ net play was impressive. Quinn Russo and Danny Harrington also came away with a win at the #3 spot. Victor Lathuras and Ronald Mugisha had a tougher time at #2 doubles, letting their early lead slip away and ending up with an 8-4 defeat. On the singles courts, Will Feinberg, Victor Lathuras, and Ronald Mugisha all had some great rallies with their opponents but none of them were able to come away with a win. Captain Livingston Ferdinand did secure a 9-7 victory over his opponent, who had beaten him during the first match. It was a tough 4-3 loss for Oxford, but Coach Sahl was pleased with the efforts and thankful for the teachers and students who came out to show their support.

Oxford Faces Off with Williams

May 8, 2017

Oxford had a tough match on Monday against a talented Williams squad. Despite getting swept 7-0, the Boys in Blue still had some fun and gained some valuable experience playing against a stronger team. Victor Lathuras (#3) continues to turn his slice serve into a weapon and his consistency at the baseline led to some long rallies and exciting points against his opponent. Liv Ferdinand (#1) was down 6-0 but then managed to steal back a few games before losing 8-2. Danny Harrington and Noah Lau paired up at the #2 doubles spot and showed some strong teamwork at the net. Thursday’s match against St. Andrews will be tough, but with a full squad and some roster shifts we are hoping for some closer competition.

Oxen Grab First Victory of the Season

May 3, 2017

On Wednesday, the Oxford tennis squad headed to St. Thomas More hoping to bounce back from Monday’s loss. The Boys in Blue were focused and determined, ultimately sweeping the Chancellors 7-0. Will Feinberg had the closest match of the day, filled with long rallies and several games going to multiple deuces. He ended up beating his opponent 8-4 to earn his first ever win at the #2 singles spot. Quinn Russo continued to show improved groundstrokes and volleys and walked away with a 8-1 win. In doubles, Victor Lathuras and Stephen Pasternak won their first ever match at the #1 spot; Lathuras’ slice serve and Pasternak’s strong forehand winners proved to be too much for their opponents. The Oxen will use this momentum to help prepare for Monday’s difficult match against Williams.

Oxen Drop Season Opener

May 1, 2017

After a foggy bus ride to Rhode Island, the Boys in Blue kicked off their 2017 tennis season against the Middlebridge School. We played a total of 9 matches, giving some of our singles players a chance to play doubles. Livingston Ferdinand and Noah Roberts proved to be a vicious combination of power at the net and speed at the baseline, and they came away with a fairly one-sided 8-3 victory at the #1 doubles spot. Neither of them were able to clinch wins against the same opponents in singles.

At #3 doubles, Gordon Graham and Max Rakadeder played consistently and had some long rallies. They were tied 3-3 until Middlebridge found their stride. On the singles courts, Victor Lathuras and Stephen Pasternak both got their first taste of competitive tennis at the #5 and #6 spots, and Victor was able to come away with an 8-2 win. Ronald Mugisha brought home Oxford’s 3rd and final win of the day, putting in some tremendous effort chasing down balls until he literally burned holes into his sneakers.

Despite the 6-3 loss, Coach Sahl was impressed with the attitudes and efforts and new and returning players alike. The team is looking forward to Wednesday’s match against STM.