Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

A Day in the Life

3:00-3:30 --- Independent Time

At the end of the academic portion of the day, students return to their dorms to prepare for sports.

3:30-4:30 --- Sports
Students use this time to participate in the athletic activity of their choosing. Varsity sports will occasionally have home and away games during this time as well. To see more about Oxford's athletic options,please see our Athletics page.

4:30-5:35 --- Independent Time
Varsity athletes continue practice or games during this time. All other students may return to their dorms to shower/change for the evening and spend time with friends.

5:35-5:55 --- Newspaper Reading
A long-standing Oxford tradition, Newspaper Reading takes place in the Study Center. Students select a newspaper and may read any article(s) of their choosing. This is a wonderful way to stay up-to-date on current events, and may even spark conversation at dinner! Varsity athletes are excused from Newspaper Reading.

6:00-6:30 --- Dinner
All students as well as on-campus faculty enjoy dinner in the Dining Hall. This time may also be used for Sports Banquets, Senior Awards, etc.

6:30-9:00 --- Independent Time

Students use this time to socialize, whether that is in the dorms, the Rec Hall, the Academic Building, the gym, on campus, or off campus. Restaurants, shops, convenient stores, and the beach are all within walking distance! While on campus, students may also use this time to hold club meetings or group activities.

7:30 --- On-Campus Check-In
Students check in with the Dorm Master in the student lounge and stay on campus for the remainder of the evening.

9:00 --- Study Hall Prep
Dorm Masters will check in with students to ensure that they are either in their rooms or the Study Center.

9:15-10:15 --- Independent Study Hall
Students use this portion of the evening to read quietly, continue
assignments, or pursue a passion in their own rooms. Boys may not use non-academic electronics (cell phones, gaming systems, etc.) or social media during the study hall. Instead, this time is dedicated to engaging students' interests, whether that is drawing, reading a non-academic book, creative writing, etc. Teachers may ask that a student complete school work in the Study Center in a more structured study hall environment. Group work and

independent study may also take place in the Academic Building.

10:15-10:30 --- Evening Prep
Students working in the Academic Building return to their dorms
at this time. Within the dorms, students prepare for bed.

10:30 --- Dorm Check-In
Dorm lounges are closed at this time.

10:45 --- In Rooms

11:00 --- Lights Out
Internet access is turned off at this time.