Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

Co-Curricular Activities

Oxford Academy opens its facilities, and extends its network into the surrounding community, to provide an array of co- curricular activities. In addition to participating in the interscholastic sports program, students enjoy the tennis courts and gymnasium on campus, as well as swimming, fishing and golf near the school. Clubs and interest groups are formed each semester based on student interest. Occasional mid-week field trips to art galleries or plays are sponsored.

If you do not see a club of your interest here, be sure to share your ideas for a new club and we will do our best to get it started!

Oxford Nation

Oxford Academy Oxford Nation is the philanthropic student-run club. Westbrook CT

Oxford Nation is the philanthropic student-run club. Meeting weekly with faculty advisor’s Ms. Vaughn and Mr. Cartier, students discuss different causes they would like to support, select one and then inform the faculty and students about the charity. The fundraisers are usually Friday jeans days for $1 and sometimes there is an additional special basket raffle.

Book Club

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Book Club

Every month The Oxford Book Club chooses a novel to read then later discuss. Mrs. Gilman, Library and Media Specialist, in conjunction with the Westbrook Public Library hosts a gathering full of refreshments, fun, and lively discussion about their reading!


Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Adolescent Life Education Sustainability

Under the direction of Mr. Hayden, Sustain encourages environmentally responsible practices at OA and our surrounding community. We help maintain nearby wilderness, support the school’s recycling program, educate the community on related issues and raise money for sustainable and environmental causes internationally. This year we are looking to broaden the scope of the club to include more enjoyment of our local environment with offerings that include mountain biking, gardening, hiking, camping, and possibly canoeing.

True Blue Student


Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT True Blue Student Newspaper

Mrs. Gilman, Librarian and Media Specialist, supervises the student newspaper which has gained the interest of Oxford's finest student writers, photographers, cartoon artists, columnist, and editors. This group of talented, creative boys generate original content and publish an intriguing online newspaper publication at the end of each term.

Student Leadership

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Student Leadership

Under the direction of Mr. LaSota and the residential faculty, our dorm representatives are peer nominated student leaders within the community. Dorm Reps are young men who actively serve as role models to help new and returning students become more involved in community events and activities.

Photo Club

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Photo Club

Mr. Sahl facilitates the photo club which meets weekly. This group journeys to different locations like the Westbrook town beach, the DEP docks, the Hopyard and more to create incredible graphic designed images using lights, smoke, and long exposure photos.

Mindfulness Club

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Mindfulness Club
Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. Mindfulness Club is organized by Mrs. Zimmerman and Mr. Pachnuik. Immediately following morning meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays all members of the community are invited to practice breathing and meditation exercises to better prepare for a productive day.

The Career Paths Program

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Career Paths Program

Under the guidance of Mr. Cartier and Mr. Maragliano, The Career Path Program introduces our students to different career opportunities by traveling to local companies to gain exposure to different careers. Students also discover what the occupation entails and hear about how an individual chose and established his career.

Chess Club

Oxford Academy Preparatory School 2018 Westbrook CT Chess Club

Mr. Rhoads and the Oxford chess players meet several times per week during morning snack break for fun-filled chess matches also lessons on strategies and technique. Students from all skill levels are welcome to join!