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One to One College Guidance

College Counseling with Cartier

Oxford Academy’s Director of College Guidance works closely with students and families, offering support, information, and encouragement as they navigate the exciting but complicated college admissions process. The College Counseling with Cartier process focuses on three fundamental principles.


The College Guidance Counselor

  • Works with students in small groups during junior year and meets with each student individually during his senior year.
  • Offers advice about post-secondary educational options that best fit a students' specific interests and needs.
  • Educate students regarding the college search and application process.


Visiting Colleges and Universities

  • In the fall, many college admissions representatives visit our campus to meet with our juniors and seniors to discuss college planning and potentially interview students who are applying.
  • Students also attend college fairs for an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of schools and meet college representatives.
  • In addition to group college visits, visits with parents are an important part of exploring what makes a good fit.


The college application process will include the following:

  • Enrollment at Oxford:
    • Begin planning a course of study to reflect interests and fulfill requirements
    • Participate in a variety of activities, clubs and sports
  • Winter/Spring of Junior year:
    • Register with Mrs. White for college testing (ACT, SAT, TOEFL)
    • Meet with Mr. Cartier in small groups and one-to-one to research colleges that match the student’s criteria. Oxford uses College Board’s Big Future for this purpose.
    • Meet with Mrs. White to review transcript and select senior year courses
    • Begin working on a college essay with English teacher
  • Summer Prior to Senior Year - at Oxford and/or with family
    • Begin filling out the Common Application for submission senior year
    • Narrow college list through additional research and campus visits
    • Plan for updated educational testing, college testing & college visits
    • Create a planning calendar and/or spreadsheet with deadlines, share with parents
  • Fall of Senior Year
    • Schedule with Mrs. White additional SAT, ACT, SAT II, and TOEFL.
    • Attend local college fair & college rep visits at Oxford
    • Meet with Mr. Cartier at least weekly to complete Common Application and finalize college list
    • Schedule college visits & interviews
    • Enter application deadlines into planning calendar/spreadsheet
    • Complete essays required for each college
    • Request recommendations from teachers
    • Review completed CA with Mr. Cartier
    • Submit CA to colleges before December break
  • Spring of Senior Year
    • April 1st - receive acceptances joyfully
    • May 1st - submit deposit to college of choice

Because Oxford teachers get to know their students so well, recommendations are more personalized and can speak to their academic growth, potential and habits of mind. The Head of School, Dean of Studies and Director of College Guidance work together to complete a counselor recommendation that rounds out the student’s profile. Finally, the Director of College Guidance is available to review the completed application once the student is ready to submit.

Summer College Search

Oxford also offers a 5-week Summer College Search Program to those who have completed their junior year in high school. This is an excellent opportunity for rising seniors to solidify their list of schools, complete their applications, write the personal essay, visit college campuses, and prepare for standardized testing.

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100 Nights Celebration

In March Oxford honors our soon-to-be graduates at the 100 Nights until Graduation Celebration. Seniors are roasted by Mr. LaSota and presented with thoughtful, personalized gifts by Mr. Cartier. During the event, graduates are officially inducted into the Alumni Association by a member of our Notable Alumni. One deserving community member is chosen for the Student Ambassador award. Finally one senior is presented with the J. Bradley Allen '13 Leadership Award for his outstanding leadership while at Oxford.