Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

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Class Notes

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Oxford Academy Class Notes

Classes of 1964

Frank “Scotty” Anderson is Chair of the Elections Commission in Hawaii. He sends Aloha greetings to everyone.

Class of 1986

Fabien Cousteau had a special on the Discovery channel on December 2nd, Into the Blue Hole, where he partnered with Aquatica Submarines and Sir Richard Branson for an unforgettable experience into one of the largest sinkholes in the world.This conservation mission allowed them to collect scientific data, focusing on a complete topographic sonar scan of this unique marine sinkhole.

Class of 1971

Sam Pearson sent holiday greetings from KS.

Class of 1987

Pablo Leites and his wife and son, Leo, stopped by Oxford while they were visiting Connecticut this past August. It was Pablo’s first time back to Oxford since graduating and he liked what he saw.As a student he came here from Mexico and now lives in Vancouver, BC. Pablo is a financial consultant and says he has stayed in contact with Jorge Larrea, Marco Capra and Rodrigo Filippo from his Oxford days.

Class of 1995

JaeMi Pennington, an Oxford trustee, and his friend had a fun time with Head of School, Phil Cocchiola, Matt LaSota, Dean of Students and Math Department Chair Chris McGrath when they all attended a Bruins hockey game together in Boston in December.

Class of 2001

David Segall attended the LA reunion and told Mr. Cocchiola that he is working on a new hydration product and headed to Hong Kong.

Class of 2002

Sulaiman Rochemont was in touch with Mr. Cocchiola and told him he is living in Belgium and doing real estate and looking into getting into racing.

Julian Ungano met with Phil Cocchiola in LA and told him he is still busy with photography but also writing and trying to break into the film industry.

Class of 2004

Rob Howland attended the LA Reunion and told us about his gaming design business (Three Flip Studios) and has promised to visit Oxford and talk to students about his career path creating video games.

Class of 2005

Will Dean is a Platinum Producer at Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

Class of 2006

Alex Insler is now living in the Bronx.

Class of 2009

John D’Amato Jr. is working construction in Boston, MA. He has stayed in touch with Jon Ignal.

Kyle Greeley has assumed new duties as a facilities and operations director for athletics at Wagner College on Staten Island. He is happy to be out of the Snowbelt and closer to family.

Josh Salsburg attended the LA reception with his wife and infant son.

Class of 2014

Tequan Browne is doing great at Alfred State College in NY.

Class of 2017

Graeme Cohen visited Oxford over his college break. He is doing an internship on a cruise ship soon.

Liam Murray is finishing boot camp in February this year.

Sam van Praag just returned home in December from a three month sail training trip in the Caribbean where he lived on an 88’ schooner as a member of the working crew.He is now enrolled at Maritime Professional Training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Class of 2018

Dan Fernandes stopped by campus to say hello over break.

Alumni, please contact the Alumni and Development Office with any news you would like to share and we will be happy to oblige! Be sure we have your email address!