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Professional Development

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Oxford Academy has long recognized the central role of executive function for all learners. For over a century we have grown our academic program to be one that is nurtured by the most recent and relevant research in the areas of time management, self regulation, motivation, self awareness and student ownership of their school experience. Despite a long track record of success we constantly look to refine our practices and expand our knowledge base.

Zack Hayden, Oxford's Dean of Faculty, has recently completed a two year program designed and certified by Landmark College and Marlboro College: Executive Function and LD: Integrating Strategies, Study Skills, and Technology. In December Zack received his “Certificate in Executive Function and LD”. The coursework proved to be full of research and resources confirming why so much of what we do at Oxford is successful but also provided deeply researched resources and strategies that can bolster our current practices focused on improving executive function skills and awareness in our students. Mr. Hayden worked with Dr. Gabrielle Rappolt-Schlichtmann, Executive Director and Chief Scientist at EdTogether and professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Education, on his capstone project which developed a new orientation for Oxford faculty centered around understanding neurodiversity, executive function skills, self-regulation, self-awareness, and self-esteem.

Mr. Hayden has started working with his fellow Oxford administrators to expand on this orientation with new modules and workshops for Oxford teachers. These professional development offerings will be part of Oxford’s regular PD calendar and will focus on revisiting executive function research and discussing the application of the best findings from Landmark’s certificate program.