Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

Customized Learning

Oxford’s one-to-one summer program of individualized instruction accommodates learners with many goals at middle and high school levels.


  • Literature and Composition
  • Mathematics (Pre-Algebra through Calculus)
  • Core Social Studies and Electives
  • Core Lab Sciences and Electives
  • English as a Second Language
  • Spanish, French, and Latin
  • Art, Photography, & Portfolio Development

Special Course Options

Summer College Search

Rising seniors build a college list, develop the personal essay, and begin work on the Common Application.

English as a Second Language

Oxford's 5-week summer term is an excellent way for international students to be introduced to American culture while improving their English skills in the one-to-one classroom. Intermediate to Advanced ESL students may choose one or two individualized English classes, with an additional conversation class depending on enrollment. Mathematics, science and social studies courses are offered at the ESL level, with courses geared toward each student's level of proficiency and interest. TOEFL and SAT/ACT prep are optional programs.

Study Skills

The Oxford Study Skills course is designed to ensure that a student has the appropriate tools to learn. Students proceed through seven areas that teach students the skills to be active learners, to improve reading comprehension, and to organize and retain information for tests or written work.