Like You, We're One of a Kind

Dear Parents and Students,

I am very pleased you have found your way to Oxford Academy. Your journey begins here, at Admissions, for your son and your family.

There are so many reasons for enrolling at Oxford, to which you can realize as you navigate through our website. I hope you will take the time to do that as it tells an amazing story of over 100 years of student success. One of the biggest reasons to attend Oxford, however, is family. Oxford is an extended family for your son, and to you, and the intimacy to how we approach education allows young men to be comfortable enough to open themselves to new and amazing experiences, many of which they may have not realized before or about themselves. Thus our motto, “Know thy Self.”

Oxford Academy can have an extraordinary impact on a young man’s life, your son’s life. We welcome you to visit us at one of our informational tours to have a richer and more meaningful understanding of Oxford's mission, as well as our academic and summer programs.

I invite you now to view our student and parent testimonial videos. Trent will share with you his story, one that essentially could become your son’s, and several Oxford parents will share their journey as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Helen Waldron
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

Helen Waldron


Helen is a well respected educator and educational therapist with roughly 27 years of experience helping school aged children become successful learners. She has an extensive background in boarding schools, admissions, curriculum development and faculty coaching. Helen holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and Bachelors in Psychology which coincides with her longstanding passion for working with students of varying abilities and their families.

Helen Waldron, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

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