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The primary goal of the Oxford Academy athletic program is to give every student the opportunity to focus on and improve his physical fitness while deriving all the other benefits of athletics: leadership skills, self-confidence, and an appreciation of teamwork and sportsmanship.

The importance of athletics at Oxford is reflected in the breadth and depth of its program. Students can play for one or more varsity teams, as well as participate in competitive intramural activities or the weightlifting program. Other activities offered seasonally include sailing, fishing, hiking, ultimate frisbee and volleyball. All of these activities offer Oxford's students countless occasions to learn and appreciate the lessons for life that sports provide. All Oxford students participate in athletic activity for at least one hour each weekday.

Varsity Sports

Throughout the three seasons, students may join one of the varsity teams — soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and tennis in the spring. Oxford Academy’s varsity teams regularly have winning records, but varsity sports here are about much more than wins and losses. Our varsity sports program is about welcoming players of all ability levels and working diligently to improve throughout the season as individual athletes and team players. We push our varsity athletes to progress as soccer, basketball and tennis players, and also as young men.

Our athletes are given the direction to improve in their chosen sport and the guidance to understand the importance of helping an opposing player up after a hard fall. The spirit of sportsmanship and character on the field are reflected in our tradition of having our varsity athletes wear shirts and ties on game days, to remind them of the high standard they will be held to while representing Oxford later that day. Each varsity team has at least two captains who act as leaders on and off the field.

Intramurals and Other Athletic Options

Students may also participate in either competitive intramural activities (flag football, floor hockey, paintball) or the weightlifting/conditioning program.

Other extra-curricular athletic activities, offered seasonally or integrated with existing programs, are: sailing, hiking, fishing, indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee and volleyball.

Geoff Cartier

Director of Athletics

Geoff Cartier, Director of Athletics

A note from our competitor...

"I work at Middlebridge School in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Yesterday Oxford came to our campus to have a soccer match with our team.

I wanted to drop a note to you and hopefully you can share with your coaching staff and community.

After our two schools competed against each other, I could not have been more impressed with your student/athletes. They were kind, competitive, polite, and great sportsmen.

They supported each other with great enthusiasm and played the game the right way. It was refreshing to see such a great attitude amongst a group of young men. I am sure it is a testament to the community you and your staff have created at Oxford."

Colin Brady

Director of Transition Services

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