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Learning at Oxford

During my 20 years as Dean of Studies, I have seen how profoundly our program of one-to-one instruction can affect a student’s life. Often I see the difference in just a few weeks, and I hear from parents about the remarkable change they see in their son’s attitude toward learning.

Oxford gives students a chance to show what they can do academically. Instead of being one of a class of 12, 25, or even 50, the Oxford student has only to live up to the expectations set specifically for him. He doesn’t have to learn what is right for other students, only what is right for him. Once a student experiences success, it is marvelous to see his self-confidence grow.

So, as you think about whether Oxford is the right school for you, ask yourself if you would like to:

  • Believe in yourself as a student.
  • Participate in your own learning.
  • Speed up in some subjects, slow down in others.
  • Feel comfortable working with your teachers.
  • Understand and talk about your academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • See a direct connection between your effort and your achievement.
  • Connect your studies to your personal interests and goals.
I know that Oxford can help you to become the kind of student you want to be, so I hope to see you on campus!

Marti White

Marti White, Dean of Studies

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