Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

Learning at Oxford

Revolutionizing Individualized Education

  • One teacher, one student
  • Opportunity to accelerate
  • Strengthen study skills/ habits
  • Customized curriculum
  • Credit recovery
  • Set your own class pace
  • Identify how you learn best

Educating young men one to one since 1906

The Oxford method of individualized education is constant teaching-learning in a class of one teacher and one pupil. An Oxford student has only to live up to the expectations set specifically for him. Once a student experiences success, it is marvelous to see his self-confidence grow since traditional education has let him down.

Highlights of our program

  • Faculty/student partnerships
  • 20-30 minutes class time
  • Supervised study between classes
  • Reach your full potential
  • 100% college acceptance
  • College preparatory
  • Collaborative learning opportunities