Located on the gorgeous CT Shoreline, Oxford Academy is the original one-to-one top secondary, all boys, college preparatory independent boarding school.

...like you, one-of-a-kind

Oxford's Mission

Within a culture of mutual trust and respect, where teachers and students are partners in education,

The Oxford Academy challenges each young man to reach his potential through individualized

learning experiences that encourage self-awareness and a growth mindset.

Student-Teacher Partnership
Personal efficacy is essential to the development of self-confidence and motivation. Students who feel they are partners in their education will learn to connect individual behavior with academic outcomes.
Guided Study
Proctored study halls following each one-to-one class provide structure throughout the academic day.
Customized Curriculum
Students learn best when materials, content, and pace of instruction are appropriately challenging. Thoughtfully designed coursework, with regular assessment, increases motivation and ensures that success is attainable.
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What's New!

Maple Sugaring 2018

It's was truly a successful Maple Sugaring Season. After tapping 40 maple trees on campus, the sap was evaporated, boiled down, filtered twice, and bottled - and the syrup is seriously delicious! We are thankful to the Science Department and all the students who were involved.

Huge thanks to Taylor Sahl for this fantastic video. Enjoy!

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Oxford and Westbrook Public School Book Club Pick

Oxford Academy and Westbrook Public High School united again to read Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. The novel explores a broad range of issues relating to power, gender, and religious politics. Students at Oxford recognize social justice as a very significant and popular theme this year and are highly encouraged to remain involved in building a better.

Learn more about The Oxford Academy Book Club and this novel on our Library News page.

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Oxford Grand Prix Contest

Students worked closely with their advisors in the Innovation Lab to build a car made up of recycled goods, 3D printed wheels and special features for each vehicle. Then the groups used air pressure from a ballon to race their cars in Oxford's First Grand Prix Contest. Congratulations, to Mr. Maragliano and Gresham H. on their victory!

Thanks to Mr. Lindquist and Mrs. Gilman for coordinating materials, rules, and prizes for the winning advisory group.

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Oxford Alumni Gathering in the Big Apple

On Tuesday, December 5, Phil Cocchiola, Faith Asselin, Tina Zimmermann, Tora Massey and Helen Waldron traveled to New York City to meet with alumni and friends of Oxford at The East Wing on the Upper East Side. With great food and drink, the group of twenty people chatted and reminisced about Oxford. Head of School, Cocchiola brought everyone up to date on the changes that have been made to the campus and upcoming events.

Thanks to all who joined us for a great event!

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